Impossibility Challenger

Impossibility Challenger seeks to inspire people from all walks of life to experience the spirit of self-transcendence in a unique way. It serves as a platform for anyone who wants to push the limits of human possibility and tries to establish a new World Record or personal record in non-Olympic disciplines. Impossibility Challenger is sponsored by the Sri Chinmoy Center and was first organized in Zurich, Switzerland in 1982. From 2002 to 2010 in took place in Munich, Germany and later also in New Zealand and Hungary.

This year's Impossibility Challenger will take place on 6th and 7th of December in the Stadium of Leiria, Leiria city, Portugal. Impossibility Challenger os sponsored by the Sri Chinmoy Centers. The City Hall of Leiria sponsors the Stadium and welcomes the realization of the event.


Estadio de Leiria

 Image from Leiria stadium

If you are interested to partcipate with a record, please fill out the application form. If you plan to try a Guinness World Record you need to get in touch with the Guinness Book of Records approx. 8-10 weeks before your attempt, to learn about their rules and regulations. New records can also be published at, a record holder club founded by Ralf Laue in Germany

 On 7 December between 9 and 11:30 there will be an attempt to break a Guinness Record for the most people doing Laughter Yoga together lead by a Yoga teacher from Portugal.

We are looking for 13.000 people who would like to participate this laughter record in the stadium of Leiria.

Participation in this record is free of charge. :-)

Here is a special link to sign for participating in the record, and everybody is welcome.


For those seeking a place to stay here is a list of sugestions for the city of Leiria.



During the last 12 years the Impossibility Challenger featured even Ashrita Furman with several records. Ashrita is THE man in the world with the most Guinness World records. He established over 500 Guinness World Records and currently still holds over 200.


Ashrita Furman breaking the record on Longest Time Balancing on Swiss Ball (Stonehenge)

Some vídeos from previous editions of impossibility Challenger:

1986 a 1991





Desafiando Impossibilidades

Biggest ballon hat in the world and fastest mile in a shopping car. :-)


Impossibility Challenger

Vídeo of Impossibility Challenger from 2012 edition in Hungary

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